Because of recent Instagram API changes we are unable to offer a full service at this time. Please use instead. Any accounts and slideshows created with have been copied over to free of charge.

About Us

We create beautiful live Instagram and Twitter feeds for your wedding reception

Hello, we are and we are here to make your wedding day as special as it can possibly be (whilst entertaining your guests too!).

We started at the beginning of 2014 after two successful years running Eventstagram and Crowd Reactive. The idea for actually started out as a little seed in our CTO's mind when a friend suggested he wanted a photo slideshow as a backdrop for his wedding. Now it has grown into the beautiful opportunity presents to you.

Through providing our Eventstagram service at thousands of weddings, we have learnt what makes brides and grooms tick all over the world. Learning from this, our team can now empower other couples to be able to create their very own live wedding photo feeds at their weddings!

Meet the "Dream Team"

We are a small team with big ideas on how to make your wedding the most special day of your life.

Dan Strang


Dan is our glorious leader

Ollie Harridge


Ollie is the head geek

Melissa Weston

Head of Marketing

Melissa adds some glamour to the office

AJ Veleta

Head of Growth

AJ is our man on the ground in the USA


Mr 99.9% uptime

Your slideshows are safe in Ross' hands


Web Winner

A Czech programming powerhouse

Find Us

Our address is Crowd Reactive Limited @ Wayra, Shropshire House, 2-10 Capper St, London, WC1E 6JA, United Kingdom