Because of recent Instagram API changes we are unable to offer a full service at this time. Please use instead. Any accounts and slideshows created with have been copied over to free of charge.

Live photo feed to display guests' wedding party pictures

Live Instagram and Twitter slideshows for weddings

Step One

Create your own wedding hashtag (e.g. #Neil4Laura)


Step Two

Tell your guests! Get them using the hashtag in all the wedding party build-up and on the big day

Step Three

Display your wedding page and watch all your special moments appear!

Step Four

Relive your day! Login into your account to see all the photos, share them with your friends and order a wedding photobook

What are you waiting for? Add this fun wedding idea to your big day within minutes!

Your guests take photos using Instagram or Twitter and share them using your own unique hashtag. You can view all these photos live at your wedding using any TV or projector.

After your big day, you can share them in your own online wedding photo album and even get them printed out into a photo book.

Our Packages

We have something for weddings of all sizes


Perfect for the budget wedding

  • Collect photos taken from up to 1 week before your wedding
  • Play your slideshow for 8 hours
  • Share your own online wedding album
  • Large free version logo


Perfect for the one day wedding reception

  • Collect photos taken from up to 2 weeks before your wedding
  • Play your slideshow for 8 hours
  • Customize and share your own online wedding album
  • Choose from more than 5 themes
  • One moderation option
  • Small logo


Perfect for that professional touch

  • Collect photos taken from up to 3 months before your wedding
  • Play your slideshow for 24 hours
  • Completely customize your own design by adding logos, backgrounds and fonts
  • Two moderation options

See it in action

Our features

We have more fun features than your Pinterest boards can cope with:


Capture all the unforgettable social media moments in one quality wedding photobook

See all your guests photos

After your big day, guests can see each other's photos using your very own online wedding album


Encourage guests to use a hashtag

Quite often your wedding guest's photos are lost on lots of different social networks. With the same hashtag they can be collected together so everyone can see them.

No need to download a bespoke app

Your guests already have Instagram or Twitter installed so no need for your guests to download or sign up to another app.

See the wedding from 100s of cameras

Wedding photographers are great for the special shots, but gives you access to many more photos that can catch all the fun, beautiful and spontanuos moments.


Want to make sure Uncle Johnny’s bottom isn’t on show? Use our moderation platform to remove photos from the feed!

The Best Photos

As guests know their photos are going to be on display they are encouraged to take even better photos of your special day!

Customizable Design

You can choose the layout, animation and style of your slideshow to match the colours and style of your wedding.

Entertain your guests

Let your guests show you their experience of your wedding! Break the ice, with photos from each table. Or encourage your wedding guests to use photo props to create a fun wedding party idea!

Meet the "Dream Team"

We are a small team with big ideas on how to make your wedding the most special day of your life.

Dan Strang


Dan is our glorious leader

Ollie Harridge


Ollie is the head geek

Melissa Weston

Head of Marketing

Melissa adds some glamour to the office

AJ Veleta

Head of Growth

AJ is our man on the ground in the USA is for brides, grooms, wedding planners or even friends of the lucky couple who want a great wedding party and want their guests to share Instagram and Twitter wedding pictures and videos with each other before and during the big day.